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Why a "Stump Ranch?"  Well just ask Ol' Barbed Wire for yourself sometime and we're sure he will tell you.

"Barbed Wire" Ben entertains with;
*His Cowboy Poems
*His Cowboy tales
*Friend's Cowboy Poems
*Robert Service Poems
*Old - Old - Cowboy Poems
*Stories of Sixty Years of Survival

"Barbed Wire Ben Was raised in the cattle business in rugged Salmon River breaks of Idaho.  He has cowboy'd all over Idaho and Oregon.  He has worked most of his life in the great outdoors riding everything from horses, piloting his own plane, logging trucks, to heavy equipment. Horses and cattle have given way to the entertainment stage where he delights audience with his own brand of entertainment that can only come from living the life.  

Ol' Barbed Wire is  well as establishing by himself as an entertainer and often performs alone.  He has over 20 years of traveling the nation entertaining on his own brand of humor and many times as the opening act for the "Rudy Gonzales Cowboy Show"  www.cowboyrudy.com/appear.htm   


For a nominal fee you can also consult with "Barbed Wire" on the following: 

*  How Governments Should Be Run
*Political Advisor
*  Racing Forms
*  Fly Swatters
*  Manure/Whiskey Makin'
*  Advise to the Lovelorn
*Advise on taming unruly children and horse
*What to do with those clipping from your finger nails
*"Barb Wire's" Theory on relativity
*Learn why horses sleep standing up
* And lots more of the things you always wanted to know but did not know who to ask  

    "Barbed Wire" shares some humor with long time friend Cowboy Entertainer
 Rudy Gonzales while shoeing horses at Rose & Rudy's Ranch in Idaho.

The title "Barbed Wire" was given him by his friend Rudy, who maintained, "He is like an old piece of barbed wire. Too tough to die and too ornery to get out of the way."  For hours, you could just set by the campfire or in your seat in front of the stage and listen to the stories Ol' Barbed Wire can tell.

"Barbed Wire" has a B. S. degree -- from the school behind the barn. He served a sentence in college and says, "That's pretty good for someone with a third grade education." Claims he's not been - drunk - shot - or hung --- but just escaped. 

Ben has a part time job just holding this brick fireplace from falling.  Has been a featured poet at the Idaho Cowboy Poetry Gathering from it's beginning back in 1987 and every year since for 15 consecutively years.   Barbed Wire has been the opening poet for two videos. "The Liars Hour" and "Cowboy Poetry Live."  


Check out Old "Barbed Wire" Ben for your cowboy poetry entertainment needs. Or for his tapes, books, and his new (survivor series) short story collection. 


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