The Idaho State Cowboy Gathering



"We put the REAL COWBOY
 in Cowboy Entertainment!"



Just count the folks who have logged in looking for an authentic gathering of cowboy entertainers.

Just to name a few who have performed at the Original Idaho Cowboy Poetry Gatherings in the past years?
  Many of whom got their start and first time on stage opportunity

Here is a partial list and it will grow as the names come back to us.

Bob & Cindy Smith- staff, "Barbed Wire" Ben Aitken Idaho Poet & Storyteller,  "Mountain Mama" Helen Mazewski Idaho Poet & Storyteller, Warren Calhoun Idaho Poet, Howard E. Wright Idaho Poet & Singer, Angelo Menning, Idaho Poet, Eva Powers Idaho Poet, Bruce (waddie) Mitchell Nevada Poet, Kevin Tester Idaho Poet, Dan & Jeanne Jordan, Oregon Cowboy Poets,  Dennis Flake, Idaho Poet, Ron & Kary Lake Idaho Poets, Barney Hill Idaho PoetEthie Corrigan Idaho Poet, Rocky Rauch & The Freedom Cowboys, Bill Rode Idaho Cowboy Poet, Ellie Corrigan Idaho Poet, Tony Snider Idaho Poet, Bill Hirchi, Idaho Poet, Jack "Spurtrack Jack" Blankenship, Montana Poet, Lee Holmes, Idaho Poet, Joe Young Idaho Poet, Bruce Caswell Washington Poet, Al Albrethson Colorado Poet, Dan Leavitt Oregon Poet & Song Writer, Red, Wendy, & Jeannie Thompson & The Sunset Trio Idaho Songs & Music, Miss Kitty Wells Nashville, TN "Queen of Country Music," Mike Gallogley, California Poet, Vee Carona, Idaho Poet, Les Buffham, California Poet, Barry Corbin Texas Famous Movie Actor, Roger "Goose" Bradford Texas Poet, Dr. Fred Bornstedt D.V.M. Oregon Music, Poet, & Singer, Patricia P. Garate, Nevada Poet, Jim Davis Idaho Poet, Dick Spencer Colorado "Western Horse Magazine Publisher," Vivian Spencer Colorado Poet, Idaho  Sandy Seaton, Montana Poet, Senator Larry Craig, Vance Wampler, Arizona Poet, Art Honey Idaho Poet, Roy "Boots" Reynolds Idaho Famous Cowboy Cartoon Artist, Bonnie Tarlton, Montana Poet, John Hollis Oregon Poet, Jack Giacomini a.k.a. Al Jackson Idaho Radio D. J. & Singer, Duane Dickenson, Wyoming Singer,  Carol Jones Idaho Poet, The Gillette Brothers Texas Songs & Music, Ernie Sites Idaho Singer, Jack Williamson California Poet, Roberta Green Idaho Poet, Bob Lavelle Idaho Poet, Carl "Skinny" Rowland Montana Poet & Storyteller, Deloris Severe Oregon Singer, Tom Pearlman cowboy Singer, Les Buffham, California Poet, Mike Lee Colorado Poet, Helen Chenowith Idaho Senator, Jake Conklin Canada Poet, R.W. Hampton New Mexico Singer,  Terry Rekow Idaho Singer, "Spurtrack" Jack Blankenship Montana Poet, & Storyteller, Hilma Volk Idaho Poet, Terry Raff Idaho “Singing Mountain Person", Wayne Gardner Utah Native American Flute Player, Curley Surles Idaho  Singer, Claudia Weathormon Idaho TV Personality, Alvin G. Davis Texas Poet & (Director of the National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration The World's Biggest Cowboy Entertainment Event.   Held in Lubbock, Texas), Bruce "Loose lip" Pinson Idaho Poet & Harmonica,  Steve Gehring California Poet & Singer, Ron Moore & his dog Will - Texas Christian Songs & Stories, John Blakeley Idaho Poet, J.W. Taylor Idaho Poet,  Annie & Amy Smith Wyoming Songs & Music, Bob Blazor Idaho Guitar Player, Jory Job Idaho Music, Paige Carlton Idaho radio Emcee, Jeremiah Johnson Texas Poet, Jake Conklin Canada  Poet, Old time fiddlers Idaho, Rudy Rodriguez & his Mariachi Band Idaho, Junior Jammers  Idaho fiddlers, Sourdough Slim California Songs & Music, The Saddlebags Montana Songs & music, Howard Pilot Idaho Poet, Buzz Goertzen "Idaho Yodeler," Doug McCutcheon California Songs, Stories & Music, Bob McCutcheon California Songs, Stories & Music, "The Rogers Legacy" Candy, Mindy & Julie Songs, Stories & Music, California, Colorado, & Oklahoma (The Granddaughters of Roy Rogers & Dale Evans) Jay Kulm, Washington Comedian, Johnnie Wright Tennessee Music,  Bobbie Wright Tennessee Music, Charlie Hunt South Dakota Poet, Rhonda (Sedgwick) Stearns Wyoming Poet, Chad Watson California Songs & Music, Haley Loren Oregon Singer, Brian Lindsey Music, Jana Kemp Idaho Emcee, Michael Robinson Utah singer, Treasure Valley Cloggers Idaho, Leon Flick, Oregon Poet, Carolyn Larson, Idaho Singer, Cindi Bass, Idaho Poet, Bill Duramus, Idaho Poet, Mike McCombs Idaho Poet,, Steve Rone Oregon Poet, Michael Thornton, Idaho Harmonica, Nancee Kay Riggs, Idaho Poet, Kelly Levitt, Idaho Poet, The Palo Duro Band Texas, Larry Barnum, Idaho Poet, Jim Burnett, Idaho Poet,  Rex R, Dewey, Idaho Poet,  Dennis Gains, Story Teller Texas, Dan Hall, Idaho Poet, Ardith Agenbroad, Idaho singer, Mike Martin Idaho Radio D.J. & Poet, Toni McGuire, Idaho Poet, David Butler, Idaho Bluegrass singer & Musician,  David Waddle singer, Texas, The Idaho Country Western Dance Association, Jay Barber, singer, Arizona, Carol & Dolly, Idaho   Singers, John Blakeley, Idaho poet,  Ranger Bud Reberry, Idaho Singer, . . . more to be recorded later.


    We do apologize for for all those we have not listed.  This list will certainly grow as we can recall the many we have left out in over 15 years of producing this event.  Please contact us if you can help us remember.

 Idaho’s Original Celebration of the America Cowboy with great cowboy humor, cowboy songs, and rhyming verse.  (Real cowboys don't do free verse poetry!)

The Idaho State Cowboy Gathering
P.O. Box 326 Eagle, Idaho 83616-0326 

Cowboy Entertainers who entertained the crowds at the Gatherings 



"The Cowboy Rudy Show" with,

"Idaho's Official Cowboy Entertainer" Rudy Gonzales


The Original and True Queen of Idaho's Cowboy Poetry Gatherings!


1914 - 2006


The late Helen The Mountain Mama”  Mazewski

Idaho's Funniest & Most Wonderful Lady Poet & Storyteller!



"Barbed Wire" Ben Aitken  - Cowboy Poet & Story Teller from Idaho



Dolly & Carol - Great Cowboy Songs and Music

Idaho Ranchers


Terry Rekow - Singing Saddle Maker & Cowboy - Idaho



Jim Davis is one of Idaho's and the nations outstanding Cowboy Poets. With great stories like his nationally renown "The Bogus Brown" poem put to music. 


David Butler Twin Falls, Idaho Cowboy & Bluegrass Singer and Musician

(Better Photo Pending)

Photo taken from the Idaho Statesman newspaper, from the Associated Press by permission of the Twin Falls Times



The Idaho Country Western Dance Association

Boise, Idaho


Ranger Bud Reberry, Cowboy Singer

Middleton, Idaho

Michael Robinson Utah Singer

Wayne Gardner, Utah musician 

The Palo Duro Band Texas 


Toni McGuire,  Cowgirl Poet


David Waddle - Western Singer,  Texas.

Dennis Gains, Story teller - Texas


More great cowboy and cowgirl photos coming soon.



Just what do we mean by "We put the REAL COWBOY back in Cowboy Entertainment!"


Where did cowboy entertainment get it's start?  The answer is straight and honest.  It was and is with cowboys.  Over the years many singing groups have come on the scene.  

Comedians musicians and singers have also put on a hat to cash in on the popularity of cowboys.  

Gatherings originated with the promise of giving cowgirls and cowboys and those from the agricultural world a forum to share their talent.  In many events this is no longer the case.  

We have no problem with western entertainers.  Many are wonderful entertainers.  We do take issue with events that call themselves Cowboy Poetry or Cowboy Gatherings featuring some Nashville, Hollywood, or Elko Hat act as their main event.  

If they would distinguish themselves as a western entertainment program.  This would be a more honest title for their event.   However to call it a gathering of cowboys is not quite honest.  "Many of these professional musicians, singers, and comedians (hat acts) could not spot a Black Angus bull in a herd of sheep!"  

Much less be entitled to over shadow the real cowboys and cowgirls they are trying to imitate and represent." 

Putting on a hat does not entitle these very talented artists this privilege!

Yes!  We do still allow and put on stage others who may have not been working cowboys.  And we do allow non cowboy musicians who play cowboy music to perform.  We reserve our Evening Feature shows for the presentation for preserving real cowboy entertainment by cowboy entertainers entertainers.

So who is the our big feature draw at our Cowboy Gathering?  

It is every cowgirl and real cowboy from Idaho and around the nation.  

This is family friendly entertainment that any cowboy will be proud of.  

There is great entertainment in the agricultural communities that never gets an opportunity on the main stage.  Much of the countries greatest talent is never given a fair opportunity to share main stage.  It is nearly impossible to compete with those with big promotional budgets.  Therefore much of America's talent must take a back seat to those with big budgets to promote the the politically correct with big promotional budgets.  

If you like fast moving funny and entertaining programming of cowboy humor, poetry, and lots of music, you will enjoy it best when it is performed by people who have actually lived the life or who are now living the cowboy way. 

We have set the pace for many events in years past.  It is our goal to put the real cowgirls and cowboys back in this entertainment.  


The Idaho State Cowboy Poetry Gathering is still proud to honor 

"The Women of the West!"  

We are the again originators, in Honoring the Women of the West at our Cowboy Gatherings and we are proud to keep the tradition alive.  We are happy to see others get on the bandwagon. 


 For those who would like to apply for Cowboy Arts & Crafts Displays please contact us immediately.  

Here is the opportunity for artists of all types to gain recognition. There is opportunity for new cowboy poets and singers to apply for the featured shows by submitting a photo, and cassette, or video tape of their talents to the ISCPG c/o P.O. Box 326 Eagle, Idaho 83616-0326. For the last minute or shy would-be entertainers, there will be sign-ups for open mic sessions.

 Cowboy Church followed by another of our original programs treated all those come to a FREE Idaho Spud Bake Lunch with all the trimmings. All of the food is provided by local Idaho grocers. 

Click here to see "Barb Wire Ben Aitken" - "Mountain Mama" "Helen Mazewski"

Former Nampa Mayor Maxine Horn, presents Rudy with The Nampa Medallion  For his outstanding family programming and preservation of the cowboy way of life. 

Below Rudy Receives the Key to the city of Nampa

Who will be the next inductees to the 

Idaho Cowboy Entertainer's 

Hall of Fame?

Great Idaho "Chicken Team Roping" Competition may very well be back.  

This was great fun and a new attraction the the Idaho Gathering.


As originators of the Free Spud Bake Lunch and the Idaho Cowboy Church part of the Gatherings we would like give  a Special Thank you to Paul's Market in Nampa, Idaho who very generously provided all of the vittles for the great Idaho Spud bake Lunch.

The Late Caldwell, Idaho Mayor Pete Coles Presents Rudy With Key to the city in 1989.


This year's Cowboy Church will again Featured Cowboy Gospel Songs by the Gathering Performers
You ask about the ticket cost for Cowboy Church?
Well it's FREE!!

The Idaho State Cowboy Poetry Gathering,

Phone (208) 890-6869 

1. Nothing lewd or suggestive. (It is just not the cowboy way.)
2. It must be cowboy! ( All must be of the cowboy & the ranch way of  life.)
3. It needs to have entertainment value. ( If not, why do it? )
4. Traditional Cowboy Poetry is Rhyming Verse!

All Free Verse Poets will qualify ONLY under the story teller events. Free Verse Poets WILL NOT be Featured Entertainers.


Who is invited?
* You are! Bring your entire family and all of   your  friends.

Who is the Main Star of the Idaho Cowboy Poetry Gathering?

* Every cowgirl & cowboy who participates.

What opportunities to perform exist?

*1. There are open session for new people to get first time experience.
*2. There are daytime Feature Shows & Matinees.
*3. There are Evening Feature Performances.

What must you do to be included on the program?

You must apply with the following material included with your application form.

a) A photo.
b) A tape cassette or video of your material.
c) Artists & Western Display people must describe their display. A photo will help. (Display space may be limited so apply as soon as possible.)


Registration and application forms below.

Click-Here Applications for Performers & Western Display!




Here are some of the folks that made it all possible


        Dairy Gold Dairy of Boise 

KBOI Radio 

 KBCI Channel 2 Televison


A great big THANK YOU! To The Idaho Statesman Newspaper for their support and publicity for this event.