Idaho State Cowboy Gatherings

The Idaho State Cowboy Gatherings C/O PO Box 326, Eagle, Idaho 83616-0326 (208) 890-6869 Phone (208) 888-2986 FAX . 


"We put the REAL COWBOY back in Cowboy Entertainment!" 


(Please print clearly or type)  Yes!  I would like to apply to perform at the next gathering.  I do understand that this is a gathering and not a paid performance. A forum for talent from the agricultural community.


Name ____________________________ Address _______________________________

City _______________  State __Zip_________ Phone  (_____)____________Ext._____

e-Mail ___________________________ Web site http://www______________________

Please check; Im a poet __ A singer ___ A Story Teller ___ A musician ___ Other ___

 ****Do not forget to include a recent photo, and a sample of your work.  A cd, cassette, or videotape need not be professionally produced.  It is important that you let us know what you look and sound like.

.Present occupation ______________________________________________________

I have __ Have not_  Performed on stage before.  If so, where? _____________________
(If more space is needed please write on the back or send an addition.)
My cowboy or ranch experience is, ___________________________________________


(If more space is needed please write on the back or send an addition.)

I'm willing to, . .  Fill in where needed___ Emcee if asked___ I/we Perform Only ___  Perform where needed ___ Perform Only on Main Feature Shows ___.  I do ___ Do not have ___ cds, tapes, books to sell.  I Do not ____ Require financial assistance to attend and perform. I do ___need some assistance, at least $ ________. 

  I do understand that photographs, audiotapes, & videos may be taken at this event. I/we understand that unless special ordered, I/we will not be paid to be in them. We in turn understand that these audio and video reproductions of my/our talents can and may be used or sold to benefit the event. I/We will receive no royalties from the sale of these reproductions. We may receive name recognition and referrals to possible shows when inquires are made about you and/or your group.

 In compliance with the legalities imposed by ASCAP, BMI, and anyone else who might take issue of any and all of the material I/we will perform at this event, I/we hereby testify that it will be of my origination and may or may not be copyrighted to me. Other wise I/we hereby testify that all other material is in public domain.  We understand that I/we will be in full compliance to this requirement.



  Signature                                                            (Group Name if applicable)                                                                              Date                         


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Idaho State Cowboy Gathering

May 27-28, 2005

Nampa Civic Center

311 3rd Street South

Nampa, ID 83651


Application/Contract for Exhibit Space

Limited Registration

Contact Name:

Representative(s) Name:

Representative(s) Name:

Mailing Address:

City, State Zip Code:





Do you need special accommodations?                         q  Yes                   q No

If yes, please explain:  __________________________________________________________________________________________


Basic Information:    

Expo Area will be the Brandt Auditorium Lobby Area (East-North Exhibit Areas) Booth spaces will be assigned in May.  Please list any special location preferences below in the comments/questions area. 

The Expo will be open ________ (10AM-9PM) &_______ (2PM-9PM).  Set up will be 8AM-10AM_______. 


I wish to reserve:

6 x 10 space(s) space(s) ____________X $75.00 each day = ____________________

                                                       6 x20 space(s) __________ X $150.00 each day = ____________________

Total Enclosed:  ____________________

Deadlines:  Prepaid registration must be received by mail no later than May 14, 2004.


Make Checks payable to: Idaho State Cowboy Gathering.  Credit Card Payments are accepted by filling out the form below.  Payment must accompany this form for Expo registration. 


Credit Card (MC / Visa) (Please Circle) #________________________________ 

Exp Date______ Signature____________________________________________


Questions/Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________