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Rudy Gonzales

Cowboy Rudy is a real working cowboy who has become a national favorite with his humor, stories, cowboy songs, and cowboy poetry.  You will experience the difference between one who lives the life and those who just bought the hat.  

Cowboy Rudy has always been proud to be the politically incorrect cowboy entertainer.  Most real cowboys are politically incorrect. . . . "When you are out of the politically correct loop, build your own loop and swing it true.  It makes some wonderful catches others will miss." 

 A real American Cowboy who has become one of the nation's most requested cowboy entertainers.  Join the happy satisfied folks who invite him back year after year and enjoyed the Cowboy Rudy Show! Check out "Just some of Rudy's Past Appearances"  

Here is the reason

His performances are much more than cowboy poetry!  

His programming is always family friendly humor. 

With over 28 years of national entertaining  Cowboy Rudy will keep you riveted to your seats with exciting tales of cowboy life. Your audience will be laughing with funny yet family friendly humor.  Some great cowboy stories and poetry. You will enjoy the selection of fun cowboy songs.  



 Cowboy Rudy has helped make events like yours long remembered as a fun authentic, and exciting experiences! 


Here is a Cowboy Entertainer Specializing in Banquets & Conventions yet he will make any event fun and entertaining.


Important Message

First let me thank those with all of the kind invitations, however I do not attend cowboy poetry gatherings.  I have long declared that cowboy poetry gatherings were originally designed to give real working cowboys and cowgirls an opportunity to be seen and heard.

Yes I am a real working cowboy however my appearances over the past 30 plus years have put me into the professional cowboy entertainment category.  I strongly believe that people such as myself coming in as headliners are taking away opportunities for new people to be recognized.  Costs for professional entertainers always seem to require the bulk of budgets allocated to assist new people the opportunity to come and be discovered.  

I will continue with my entertainment for special events for rodeos, cattlemen conventions, banquets, and other cowboy special events.  These events with a cowboy theme are my specialty.  


For your reading enjoyment look for Cowboy Rudy's Bovine Guacamole syndicated column in many western publications 

You will enjoy the Nevada Ranchers Publications, you will undoubtedly want a subscription so inquire by
clicking here,

Bovine Guacamole


By Rudy Gonzales Nationally Reknown Cowboy Humorist

Storyteller, Singer, & Cowboy Poet



So how do we reach Cowboy Rudy? 

Call him at 

(208) 890-6869

Calls to Cowboy Rudy at this number 890-6869, from anywhere in the state of Idaho are still just a local call.


Or e-Mail Cowboy Rudy at


 You must type in the above address address on your e-Mail to send him an e-Mail.  

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"Cowboy Rudy Is different 

from all of the rest!"


Cowboy Rudy is not a famous song writer.  He does sing cowboy songs like a cowboy.  He does love the funny ones.  He is not a nationally famous yodeler.  Yet he will teach you all how to yodel with him.  He does not have his own radio show, although he has been told that he does have a great face for radio. 

He still has a working cattle ranch. He still shoes the horses on the ranch.  He never twirls a gun. Why shucks he can't even spin a great big loop in a rope. However he can most often hit what he is shooting at and rope a horse or calf when needed.

He has been shoeing horses for many years and even taught farrier science.  He would never lay claim to shoeing  unbelievable numbers such as thousands and even more thousands of horses.  He taught safety clinics to save folks from all those guru gimmick horse clinicians. 

He has never invented anything new or magic.  He learned from the best old cowboys and horsemen in the country.  Not the ones you read about in magazines.  He learned from those he worked and rode with.  

Rudy says, . . "When I was young the word was always, "keep your mouth shut and listen carefully to the old guys and you might learn something.  And now I are one!"

When Rudy comes to entertain for your event you know you have the real deal.  Cowboy Rudy is not some wanna-be who is a legend in mind. You will find him to be genuine and a nice guy.  

He just loves to make folks laugh.  His programming is always family friendly humor.  He comes to help make your event an even greater success.  




Cowboy Rudy Is

"Idaho's Only Official Cowboy Entertainer
Cowboy Poet & Western Humorist"



The Governor of Idaho Dirk Kempthorne left (in 2006 appointed United States Secretary of the Interior) presents the Commendation and Recognition to Rudy. On the right along with 2007 Governor elect and long time friend Butch Otter offers his congratulations.


Commendation's Small Print

"As the Governor of Idaho, and on behalf of the people of Idaho, I extend to you thanks and deep appreciation of a grateful state.  Done at Boise, the Capitol of Idaho, This second day of October in the year of our Lord two thousand." Dirk Kempthorne Governor



Rudy Gonzales once again represented the great state of Idaho with his cowboy humor, cowboy poetry, and cowboy songs, this time at the Kennedy Center.

"Idaho is unique and so is Rudy Gonzales, Crapo said of the nomination.  He has been described as going from a working cowboy to cowboy entertainer.'  We are excited about the unique brand of family entertainment which will no doubt leave it's mark on the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  He will represent Idaho well."   

Idaho Senator Michael D. Crapo 

 According to the Kennedy Center, . . . 

Rudy is the first Cowboy in history to Entertain at the Kennedy Center.



"It is indeed a great honor, privilege, and responsibility to again represent the American Cowboy and the great state of Idaho."

Rudy Gonzales 


              Rudy entertains the audience with his humor, cowboy songs, and cowboy poetry on the Kennedy Center Stage in Washington D.C. 




Farm Show logoWorld Potato Congress     

  The International World Potato Congress 

First Time held in the United States this event was held in Boise, Idaho.  45 Countries represented by over 1150 guests experienced the United States, Boise Idaho, and the Cowboy Entertainer Rudy Gonzales with the "Cowboy Rudy Show" as the Featured Entertainment and Master of Ceremonies. 




Winner of the American Heritage Award 

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Rudy was honored to part of the "race around the world" Australian Television Program. Film maker Tony Wilson spent ten days filming this American Cowboy Entertainer for this exciting Australian television special was aired nationwide in . . .  Australia in July of 1998.



Congratulations to Cowboy Rudy on being chosen one of
the Seven Wonders

"Interesting Site... We wanted to share it with our audience. We're Seven Wonders, one of the Web's longest running Web Award sites, and we selected your site as the Humor and the Unusual Site of the Week  Nice job, and thanks for making the Web a more interesting place to visit. We've been highlighting sites for nine years now, and we know your site will be appreciated to our visitors."
 Again, thanks!
 Seven Wonders


Rudy was featured on 


November 2, 2001



That's right!  you can now watch the movie while Rudy sings and shares his most requested cowboy stories and songs.

NOTICE!  Sorry The DVD Videos Are SOLD OUT!

The CD Audios are still in high demand and available.

1. The Master of them all.  2.  The great Tamale Story 3. His most Requested Love Song " Peg Leg"   4.  And of course the his famous signature story of "The Launching of the Very First Mexican Submarine.  All of which you will want to watch over and over.   All for only $15.00 Postage paid anywhere in the United States.  

"I want to say many thanks for sending the DVD. It is great. I am still hurting from laughing. Thanks also for sending the American Cowboy Poet magazines along. I really do appreciate it. I am looking forward to your next show, and hopefully, we will all make it there. Keep up the great work that you do." 

Take care, and God bless.
Tom Wicheta
Austin, Texas



"Your order form was a bit confusing."

"I would like a CD from a Cowboy Show you did in Texas and the Live CD.  If $20 bucks gets me only 1, I want the CD from Texas.   I was there when you did the Mexican Submarine and I never laughed so hard in all my life!"


Harry Cline,

Fresno, CA

NoteThe Live show at the DVD movie. Your $20 bucks gets you both post paid Both have the Mexican Submarine.



Click here to order   This is real cowboy entertainment 

By Popular Request you can now order Rudy's most requested performance on cd.

Rudy Gonzales "Live in Concert"

Click here to order.  Rudy Gonzales Recorded Live  This is real cowboy poetry and cowboy humor.

       If you like it Cowboy, 

"You will love "Rudy Live in Concert!"  





Rudy Gonzales Cowboy Poetry America's Favorite Cowboy Poet

    Rudy Gonzales First Recordings as a NEW NASHVILLE "COWBOY" RECORDING ARTIST This is not Country & Western. This is COWBOY HUMOR, POETRY AND SONGS!


Click here to order   This is real cowboy entertainment 





From working cowboy to Cowboy Entertainer









horse tracks


Rudy moving cowsNot just another entertainer with a cowboy hat. Here is a real working cowboy turned cowboy entertainer. Rudy was born into the cattle business in Ragged Mountain, Colorado. He learned his father's skills at an early age. He spent a lifetime developing those farrier skills, and horse training. Just as his father was sought out for training horses. Rudy has spent many years earning his living as a farrier and trainer. He and his wife Rose still operate a small cattle and horse ranch in South Western Idaho.

Having spent most of his life with livestock, he always seemed to be found either on top of, or under a horse. He has always enjoyed the sharing of old tales, poems, and songs of cowboy life. While ranching in Idaho, he began to correspond with Dick Spencer, publisher of The Western Horseman Magazine. The Western Horseman reviewed his first book of cowboy poetry "TRADING HORSES WITH RUDY AND ROSE." Almost immediately this review started a stampede of requests for him to appear and entertain, with his cowboy poetry & music.



With well over 750,000 would-be cowboy entertainers and  cowboy poets in the world today, Rudy says, . . . "I'm truly blessed to be one of only a few to make a living entertaining with my cowboy entertainment shows."  

He continues to travel entertaining at conventions, rodeo's, banquets, many other special events  You will NOT find him at cowboy poetry  gatherings! 

Cowboy Poetry Gatherings were originated to give a forum for NEW agricultural talent to have the opportunity to share and show their talent, and to get started in the entertainment business.  

Check out "Just some of Rudy's Past Appearances" listed below in his links. 

He also produces radio and television commercials in cowboy verse. He has appeared on many national TV. programs. HE HAS BEEN HIRED MANY TIMES TO DO VOICE WORK FOR TELEVISION AND OTHER VIDEOS.


Rudy was chosen of all of the cowboy entertainers in the nation to entertain at the World Forum. There he represented the American Cowboy to this International Delegation. Where he entertained former U.S. President Gerald Ford, former Vice President Dan Quayle. There were 250 International Diplomats, and over 500 of the world's top C.E.O.'s at this event.


It will always be a great honor to have met and spent time with such a great man!


Former U.S. President Gerald Ford chose Rudy to entertain at the World Forum.

President Ford was such a kind and friendly gentleman.  In our afternoon together he treated me as if we had been life long friends.  Several funny stores resulted of our time together.  To be in his presence was an honor that I will remember the rest of my life.

line of horses

He wrote and produced with Micron Industries, his first video, "THE LIARS HOUR VIDEO," in the spring of 1994.  It was aired several times on PBS Stations.  His second and most requested video, "COWBOY POETRY Live" was released in the winter of 1994. It enjoyed sales nationwide and in many other countries  Both videos are now sold out and considered collector Items.


Rudy rides bull in Medicine Bow, WY

Rudy rides Texas Longhorn Bull around town in Medicine Bow, Wyoming's Bow Days Celebration.

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Rudy and his guitar bullet hole

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& Western Humorist"

Rudy Gonzales

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Here is a real working cowboy who has earned his living as a full time buckaroo, horse trainer, and farrier. Rudy and his wife Rose operate a small cattle ranch west of Boise, Idaho.  They raise beef cattle and honest saddle horses.  They still lives the life that he entertains about.

Experience authentic cowboy entertainment that is sure to delight all audiences. Plan now to book his refreshing cowboy show for your next banquet, picnic, convention, or educational program. Here is top notch fun for all ages. The true cowboy lifestyle is more popular than ever.

   Rudy has entertained all across the United States where he has delighted many types of audiences. From U.S. Presidents to Prisoners, Lumberjacks to Legislators, Cow punchers to Congressmen, Sheepherders to Senators, International Diplomatic Conferences, Cowboy Poetry Gatherings, Fairs, Rodeos, Big Game Conventions, and hundreds of other settings have been delighted by his shows.


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 Plan now, to insure Great Cowboy Entertainment for your Banquet, Convention,
or other Special Events.

(208) 890-6869

Calls to Cowboy Rudy at this number 890-6869, from anywhere in the state of Idaho are still just a local call.

Or e-Mail Cowboy Rudy at


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"Said the robin to the sparrow,
I should really like to know,
 Why these anxious human beings,
rush about and worry so.
 Said the sparrow to the robin,
Friend I think that it must be,
They have no heavenly father
such as cares for you and me."

Shared from one of BILLY GRAHAM'S  books
"Unto the Hills"

birds on a wire