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We do not endorse gimmick trainers.  Safety is a major concern.

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Pour yourself a cup and we will help you with your horse training problems. With so many gimmick trainers, we want you to stay safe and enjoy that horse of yours to the fullest.

With the full understanding that Horse Training is one of the most jealous professions in the world! It is thought that anyone who has read a book, seen a movie about horses, or knows someone, who knows someone, who knows a jockey, is also an expert! It is our aim to devote this service to the long over due Honesty in horse training and understanding. Western Riding and Safety with your Trail Horse is our first concern.

WE DO NOT address:

Dressage, English Riding Techniques, Show, or Team Penning. Remember we are cowboys! We have been teaching adult classes for many years for those who are truly interested in learning and in safety!

We will tackle the issues of:


Please feel free to ask any question

"When it comes to your safety, there is no such thing as a stupid question! "

Horsemanship Safety

Horse Training

Working with your Horse Trainer

Problem Situations

Understanding Saddles and tack

Horse Buying Guidelines


Rose Gonzales is a true, Idaho ranch raised cowgirl with many years of working livestock. She has worked and lived the ranch life for years prior to becoming the wife and partner of the horse trainer and farrier, Rudy Gonzales. Now Rose is a highly acclaimed horse trainer and riding instructor with a long waiting list of new clients. As you can see below, she is right on top of all the bull.

"Idaho Cowboy Poet & Western Humorist" Rudy Gonzales and his wife Rose lived the life of the American Cowboy. Working side by side in the back country ranches of Idaho, they have always been a highly sought after pair. Rudy's background can be traced from his homepage.  If you have not already found Rudy Gonzales "Idaho Cowboy Entertainer's Home Ranch

 With much more than just the average attraction that husband and wife have for each other, the early years prior to their marriage proved they shared several common bonds. That was their love of the Lord and the philosophy they were taught and lived about horses.

"We have not invented a thing about horses. All we have to share was handed down by trainers, ranchers, and cowboys who truly understood horses."

Rudy & Rose Gonzales

Now you too can enlist the aid of these two professional trainers. Here is your opportunity to have that CONFIDENTIAL SESSION and have those questions answered. Now you can learn to truly enjoy your saddle horse.

The Center for Disease Control now reports that HORSES RELATED ACCIDENTS HAVE BECOME THE NUMBER ONE TYPE OF INJURIES REPORTED. That's right!!, FOUR TIMES MORE as many Horse related injuries than motorcycle injuries!!



Welcome to Rose & Rudy's Ranch,

Thank you for dropping by our outfit, as you can see from our introduction, horsemanship safety is at the top of the list. We are fast approaching a crisis in the world of horses. The Centers of Disease Control reports that equestrian sports today are accounting for a higher rate of serious injuries to people. It is reported that horse related injuries are four times those of motorcycle injuries! 

Having been involved with horses most all of our lives, we do not believe it needs to be this dangerous. Enough of this roll-back, spinning around, and sliding stop information. People need to be educated about what good basic foundation training is. There is a vast difference between the fast-moving arena trained horse, who may not have any foundation at all, and the sensible, well-trained horse that will take you safely into most situations.

This information is not an intended slander at the highly skilled trainers, and the many horses that are well trained for various events. There is a large segment of the riding population out there, which does not understand what a good, basic foundation is all about.

We have fought an uphill battle against "Gimmick Training and Trainers." They are dangerous! The public is bombarded with training videos and books promising to make expert trainers out of new riders and breaking horses the easy way.

We have seen horses ruined, confidence shattered and accidents caused because of partial or poor information received through these videos, books and clinics. 

It has been said that "The horse, is the most misunderstood domestic animal in existence." We here, are dedicated to closing the gap between the safe knowledgeable rider and the one drifting around in a sea of misunderstanding. We offer direction to safe handling and riding, answers to tough training problems and even solid guidelines in purchasing good saddle horses. Contact us with the form below, we can help. Until we meet again, be safe and enjoy.

Happy Trails,

Rose & Rudy


You can reach us at the ranch in Idaho 

on his Cell Phone at (208) 890-6869
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