Rudy's Photo Gallery

1. Former United States President Gerald Ford & Rudy At the World Forum

2. (a) Chad Watson (b) The Gillette Brothers, Guy & Pip (C) Rudy

3. (a) Horse (b) Bob Talman (c) Rudy (d) Some fella scratching his head.

4. Rudy & ( Pillard ) Mrs. John Wayne

5. (a) Bubba Mitchell (b) Patsy Montana (c) Rudy

6. (a) Bill Bates of The Dallas Cowboys (b) Rudy (c) TV Sports caster Steve Buselaucki

7. (a) Rudy (b) Barry Corbin ( Northern Exposure Fame ) (c) Richard Wade Hampton

8. (a) Rudy (b) Idaho's Senator Larry Craig

9. (a) Left -Paul Bond (Famous Boot Maker) (b) Center Rudy  (c) Right- Unidentified person who got in the photo.  Oh well.

10. (a) Rudy (b) Chris Le Doux

11. (a) Rudy (b) Richard Farnsworth "The Old Grey Fox"

12. (a) Louis Fields ( 5 Times P.R.C.A. Rodeo Champion ) (b) Rudy

13. (a) Buck Page of "Riders of the Purple Sage" (b) Rudy


15. (a) Rudy (b) Miss Kitty Wells "The Queen of Country Music"

16. (a) Dick Chipman (b) Rudy who (c) Leon Coffee
"The Wrangler Bull fighters & Rudy"


17. (a) "Ol' Barbed Wire" Ben Aitken & (b) Rudy. shoeing horses in the barn.
I shoe the horses, Ol' Barbed Wire does the supervising.


18.                Hal Cannon & Rudy 1991 in Elko, NV




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