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Rudy Gonzales "Live in Concert"

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* The Liar's Hour  - The tradition that started cowboy poetry.

*  Poetic Justice - Ballad of the most famous gunfighter ever, "Arizona Artie." Or maybe not.

* The Servants Bell - How cowboys train their wives.

*  Bad Half Hour - Classic by Badger Clark Tale of lost love Annie Laurie

  Old Night Hawk - Classic - Takes you back to the cattle drives drives with the old       cowboy tending the remuda.

*  Horse Trader - Classic a favorite at any event.  Written by that great poet and horseman Mick Dundom. 

*  Reincarnation - A old old favorite originating clear back with McBeth. Written many years ago and adapted by many poets since.  This rendition credited to Wallace McCrae.

*  The Launching Of The Very First Mexican Submarine - A must for Rudy at every show. Rudy's sidesplitting signature piece.

*  The Judgement Day - Classic  Another Badger Clark old favorite.  A cowboy's dream of how he thinks Heaven will be.  If you're a cowboy, you'll love it!



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Rudy Gonzales Cowboy Poetry America's Favorite Cowboy Poet

    Rudy Gonzales First Recordings as a NEW NASHVILLE "COWBOY" RECORDING ARTIST This is not Country & Western. This is COWBOY HUMOR, POETRY AND SONGS!




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